Yzmir mage dancer

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This is a really simple deck base, it's strength is it's modularity and it's variance in regards to how people usually perceive Yzmir decks.

It's also super strong against Ordis and slower decks with not many removal options.

I've chosen to only include one kraken since, if you need to use it the game is pretty much already over for you.

# General tips

# Decklist

===== panda's magedancer =====

Hero : Afanas & Senka

=== Characters ===

3x Baba Yaga - Common
3x Dorothy Gale - Common
3x Kadigiran Alchemist - Common
3x Kadigiran Mage-Dancer - Rare
3x Sakarabru - Common
3x Studious Disciple - Rare
3x Tooth Fairy - Common
3x Yzmir Stargazer - Common

=== Spells ===
2x Banishing Gate - Common
3x Beauty Sleep - Rare (Out of Faction)
3x Intimidation - Rare (Out of Faction)
1x Kraken's Wrath - Common
3x Meditation Training - Rare (Out of Faction)
3x Off You Go! - Common\